1. How do I contact the Administration Department?
The Administration Department consists of Finance, Human Resources and Information Tecnology. You may contact the Administration Department by calling (770) 463-8881.
2. What is the E-Verify user identification number for the City of Chattahoochee Hills?
The city’s E-Verify user identification number is 140992 and the date of authorization is 7/31/2008.

Building Inspections

1. How do I contact a building inspector?
Gary Hampton with SafeBuilt is the City building’s inspector. For inspections call 770-474-9393. Mr. Hampton can be contacted for questions through his office at 678-216-0641 or by cell 678-901-6322.

David Mundt is the city’s Chief Building Official and he can be reached at his office at 678-216-0641 or 770-940-0759. ADA Compliance Information

City Clerk

1. Can I request public records from Chattahoochee Hills?
Public records, City Council resolutions and ordinances, and other information can be requested by submitting the Open Records Request Form to the City Clerk’s Office.

2. I want to hold a special event in Chattahoochee Hills. Do I need a permit?
Please contact the City Clerk’s office at (770) 463-8881 to inquire about special event regulations. All special events must be permitted after review by zoning, public safety and transportation staff.

Code Enforcement

1. What is an abandoned or unserviceable vehicle and why are they considered to be a violation of City Codes?
The City Ordinance describes an unserviceable vehicle as any vehicle which is required to be licensed and registered by the State of Georgia and is not licensed and registered and is in such condition that it cannot be started or moved under its own power without repair. Derelict vehicles typically leak fluids such as anti-freeze, gasoline and other automotive fluids onto the ground, contaminating the local area.
These vehicles also create an attractive nuisance to children by presenting an enticing, but dangerous, plaything. There are several documented incidents of children becoming locked inside a vehicle and succumbing to the extreme temperatures produced within the vehicle. Inoperative vehicles also detract from neighborhoods appearance and can invite an undesirable element into your community.

2. How much are Code Enforcement fines?
The amount of the fine is determined by the Municipal Judge and may be assessed as a per day fine for each day that the violation continues to exist.

Community Development

1. Question:How many residents are there currently in the City? Answer:There are currently about 2400 residents.
Approximately 2400

2. Question: How many acres are included within the City limits? Answer: The City encompasses about 32,100 acres. Approximately 56 sq. miles.
The City encompasses about 32,100 acres. Approximately 56 sq. miles.


1. What is the value of a MIL for property tax purposes?
1 MIL=$1.00 for every $1000.00 a piece of property is assessed after all deductions.

2. How much property tax has the City received in each fiscal year since its incoporation in 2008?
2008 – $574,000 (partial year due to start-up and accounting year change)
2009 – $367,000 (partial year due to accounting year change)
2010 – $1,210,000
2011 – $1,440,000
2012 – $1,128,000
2013 – $914,000

3. How much local option sales tax (LOST) has the City received annually since its incorporation in 2008?
2008 – $424,000
2009 – $536,000
2010 – $441,000
2011 – $573, 000
2012 – $625,000
2013 – $622,000
4. What was the amount of contribution to the City’s fund balance at the end of each fiscal year since its incorporation in 2008?
2008 – ($329.000)
2009 – $133,000
2010 – ($305,000)
2011 – ($505,000)
2012 – $141,518
2013 – $622,578

Human Resources

1. How do I find out what jobs are available within the City?
You can view all open job opportunities within the City by viewing our website Administration page. job postings.

2. How long is my application on file for employment with the City?
Applications received due to jobs posted by the city will be kept on file for one year from the job posting end date. Unsolicited aplications recieved by the City will be held on file for 30 days from the submitted date.

Municipal Court

1. Can I pay my ticket before the court date and keep from having to go to court?
If the violation is not a must appear offense, you may pay the fine any time before the court date and avoid having to come to court. You may call the office to find out the amount of your fine or pay it online using the link provided. Fines are due in full on the day of court. The City accepts cash, check, money orders, cashier’s checks, Mastercard and Visa.

2. What happens if I fail to appear in court as ordered?
If you fail to appear in court as ordered, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest and you can be jailed and/or fined. For more information or if you have questions, please contact us at (770) 463-8881.

3.Will the City provide an interpreter for me?
Interpreters are provided when requested. If you require translation for any court appearance, please inform the clerk’s office prior to the court date by calling (770)463-8881.

4. What if I want to plead not guilty and have a trial?
If you plead not guilty, you will be given the option of having a jury trial (in Fulton County State Court) or a non-jury trial by our judge here in city court. Your trial will not be on the arraignment day – you will be given another date so that all witnesses, including the officer, may be subpoenaed to testify in the trial.

5. What is a “must appear” offense?
“Must appear offenses” are those for which a defendant is required to appear before the judge in court. Examples include but are not limited to DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Disorderly Conduct, Suspended License, Suspended Registration, Aggressive Driving, All City Code violations, ALL UNDER 21 OFFENSES, and No Insurance citations.

6. How do I pay my fine?
Several different methods of payment are available. You may come into the office and pay with cash, money order, cashier’s check by mail or a Visa or Master Card. You also have the option of paying online via our Web site.

7. How do I get an attorney?
You may hire an attorney to represent your case and have them file an entry of appearance with the court. However, if you can not afford an attorney, you may be interviewed to see if you qualify under federal guidelines to have an attorney appointed to represent your case. There is a $50.00 application fee, and the interview will be conducted on your arraignment day.

8. How do I appeal the judge’s decision?
If you do not agree with the judge’s decision of your case you may appeal it through the Superior Court of Fulton County. Contact the clerk’s office in Fulton County Superior Court for further information.

9. How do I receive a trial by jury?
If you request a trial by jury, your case will be transferred to the Superior Court of Fulton County. Only state misdemeanor charges can be transferred for jury trials. No city ordinance violations may be transferred – they must first be tried in city court by operation of law.

10. I got a ticket from a Chattahoochee Hills police officer – what do I do?
There is a court date listed on the citation. This is an arraignment date. You will be asked to enter a plea at this time. Please be on time for your appointed court date as the judge will give you a lot of valuable information at the opening of the court session.

Police Department

1. How can I contact the police for help?
Always call 911 for an emergency. For any non-emergency that needs officer response, the City contracts with Union City dispatch which can be contacted at 770-964-1333.

2. How can I get a copy of my police report?
Reports are normally available within 5 business days of the incident or accident. They may be picked up at the Police Department at 6505 Rico Road. You can call Police Records at 770-463-6572 to find out if the report is ready.

3. Is there a charge for police reports?
Yes. The charge for a police report is $5.00.

4. How can I contact the investigator assigned to my case?
The police department’s main phone number is 770-463-6576 or messages can be taken at the City Hall Administrative Office at 770-463-8881.

5. Can I have a background check done at the Police Department?
Yes. Background checks are $20.00, and you will be required to complete a release form at the time of the request. You will be required to provide a valid government ID. Background checks are provided during normal buisness hours for administration, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

6. My vehicle was towed. How do I get it back?
A Plus Wrecker can be contacted at 770-964-3695. You will need a release from our police department to pick up your vehicle. You may get a release form during regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.


1. Why do non-residents have to pay to park at Cochran Mill Park? Aren’t those paid for in part by the County or State governments? If so, we have all, residents as well as nonresidents have had a hand in how nice of a place Cochran Mill and Chattahoochee Hills is and should all the more be able to freely enjoy the public parks of the area?
We appreciate your comments about Cochran Mill Park, and like you, wish that budgetary requirements didn’t require a parking fee. But, as with Parks across the country, rising service costs and the need to maintain infrastructure simply make it necessary.
Just as a clarification, Cochran Mill Park was purchased for the City of Chattahoochee Hills through a volunteer-run fundraising effort in 2010 after years of benign neglect by Fulton County. Chattahoochee Hills gets no Federal, State, or County funds for the park – almost all of our operating funds come directly from the taxes paid by the citizens of Chattahoochee Hills. Those citizens are able to use the park for free (although many of them donate the yearly parking fee anyway, and many more donate time for trail maintenance and other park support).
But we also recognize that most of the users come from outside of the City. We absolutely invite and want everyone to enjoy the natural beauty of our parks! But we do think it is only fair and equitable for our non-resident users to participate in a small way in supporting the parks and their facilities. Our fees ($5 a visit, or $25 for a no-limit annual pass) seem appropriate to us for a whole carload’s yearlong enjoyment of nature, especially in times where even one trip to a matinee movie costs more than that! So please; come enjoy our Chattahoochee Hills Parks, and welcome!

Public Works

1. How many miles of paved roads are in the City limits?
There are currently 66 miles of paved roads.

2. How many miles of gravel roads are in the City limits?
There are currently 35 miles of gravel roads.