Business Information

Owning a Business in Chattahoochee Hills

The city is committed to working with its businesses and potential businesses to create a commercial environment that is beneficial to business owners, citizens and visitors.

Occupational licenses are required for all businesses operating in Chattahoochee Hills.  All occupational licenses must comply with the city’s zoning ordinances.  Many times before an occupational license can be issued, inspections by our building inspector and fire marshal are required.  Please be proactive in contacting the city early in your business planning process to avoid delays in opening your business on schedule.

Business Licensing

The city licenses all businesses within the city limits. The term business license is used interchangeably with Occupational Tax Certificate. New licenses are approved by the City Planner and Fire Marshal. Licenses are renewed annually.

City Code of Ordinances Chapter 10

New Occupational License (business license)

Business License Change of Address
Occupational License Category and Rate Structure
Solicitation License

Alcohol Beverage Licensing

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Information
Before a business can be approved for an alcohol beverage license, they must contact the City Planner at (770) 463-8881 to make sure they are in the correct zone.

Once zoning is verified and inspections are complete, the business must submit an Alcohol Beverage License Application to the City Clerk. All new alcohol beverage licenses are approved by the City Council and compliance with the public advertising requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.

Alcohol beverage licenses expire on December 31st each year. All licenses must be renewed by December 1 each year by submitting a renewal application and applicable fees.

City Code of Ordinance Chapter 4

Section Title
The City issues the following speciality licenses for alcohol beverage activities:

Alcohol Wholesaler License
Caterer License
Non-profit Special Event Alcohol Beverage Permit
Server’s Pouring Permit

Below are the required forms for remittance of alcohol beverage excise tax:

Excise Tax Consumption
Excise Tax Wholesale Beer
Excise Tax Wholesale Liquor