Comprehensive Plan Update

In 2016, Chattahoochee Hills updated its Comprehensive Plan.

There were two city-wide public meetings and a round of smaller neighborhood meetings designed to get input from as many residents as possible.  A steering committee made up of members from all parts of the city also met three times to help guide the process.  All meetings were public.

The final adopted plan is available here (6 MB pdf)

You can find the original 2011 Comprehensive Plan here (7 MB pdf).


Next Meeting

No further meetings are scheduled.  Please check back for future updates.



All meetings are public.

Comp Plan Update Schedule

2/23: First Steering Committee meeting

3/15: Rico Community Planning Meeting

3/22: First City-Wide Public meeting

4/19: Second Steering Committee Meeting

Late May & Early June: Neighborhood Meetings

6/16: Third Steering Committee Meeting

7/14: Third Rico Meeting

7/19: Final Public Meeting

8/18: Final Steering Committee Meeting

9/13: City Council Review

September & October: DCA (State) Review



Rico Crossroads Community Planning

The Crossroads Community vision expressed in the current Comprehensive Plan states, “Contingent on community support, Rico would be developed into an active crossroads community, with the infill addition of smaller, historically consistent, commercial or civic development. Citizen input is vital and development will not occur if there is not support. Rico is the only crossroads community currently under consideration for this sort of development.” (p. 35)

Residents of Rico and other community members have met three times to consider the future of the neighborhood.  The group discussed the area’s history, its boundaries, some favorite and least favorite features, and some broad outlines of what the future holds and how the planning process should proceed.

Information from the first two meetings is posted in the Resources section, below.

Next Meeting

There are no more meetings scheduled through the end of the Comp Plan Update process.  The work on the Rico Crossroads Community will continue.  Stay tuned for further information!


Thank You!

Thank you to all who participated in the Rico Crossroads Community planning process!  Your work will appear in the Comprehensive Plan and will shape the path forward for the Rico.


Here you can find materials from the Comp Plan meetings along with other Comp Plan resources.

Allison Duncan from the Atlanta Regional Commission is leading the update process.  She can be reached by phone at 404-463-3284 of by e-mail at

Chatt Hills Zoning and Development Summary

Steering Committee Meeting 1, February 23, 2016

Meeting Agenda 2/23/16

Kickoff PowerPoint

Meeting Summary

Rico Crossroads Community Planning Meeting 1, March 15, 2016

Download the flyer (0.3 MB pdf)

Meeting Agenda

Mapping Exercise results (jpeg images from each table): Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4

Voting Results pdf (Combined)

— raw output (.xlsm files): Totals, Inside Boundary, Outside Boundary

City-Wide Public Meeting 1, March 22nd, 2016

Meeting Agenda

Presentation Board: Population

Presentation Board: Housing

Maps: Four identical aerial images of the city with different text asking participants for information and opinions:

— Where are you from?Favorite PlaceWhat Should Change?Crossroads Communities. Results to come.

Crossroads Communities responses

Issues and Opportunities Update exercise results.  Participants rated the current relevance of the Issues and Opportunities sections from the current Comp Plan

Responses to open questions. Participants described what they are optimistic about over the next five years and what the city’s challenges are over the next five years.

Steering Committee Meeting 2, April 19, 2016

PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting Summary

Neighborhood Meetings

Community members participated in a series of neighborhood meetings that were scheduled to provide as much opportunity as possible for participation.  Each meeting covered the same material*.

May 24, 6:00 PM:  Serenbe Community Room

May 31, 6:00 PM:  Cochran Mill Nature Center

June 4, 3:00 PM:  Cedar Grove Community Building

June 6, 6:00 PM:  New Hope United Methodist Church

June 9, 6:00 PM:  Providence Baptist Church*

Click here for a map and addresses

Display Boards:

Vision and Plan Components

Land Use

Short Term Work Program

Comments Received at Neighborhood Meetings, Categorized

The June 9 meeting at Providence Baptist Church also covered some Rico Crossroads Community topics.  Here are materials from that meeting:

Draft Rico Boundary map

Visual Preference Survey with Voting Results

Steering Committee Meeting 3, June 16, 2016

PowerPoint Presentation

Public Meeting, July 19, 2016

Presentation Boards:

Community Vision

Character Areas

Development Types – Board 1, Board 2

Future Development Map

Issues & Opportunities and Policies:

Land Use


Economic Development

Natural and Cultural Resources

Community Facilities

Rico Crossroads Community Presentation Boards:

Rico Maps

Visual Preference Survey Results


Previous Comprehensive Plan Update draft  (8/11/2016) (6 MB)

Draft submitted for state and regional review (9/1/16) (6 MB)

Final Comprehensive Plan Update Adopted by City Council